By pressing the Prezi presentation above the viewer will be able to see the New Jerusalem come down from heaven. By viewing and hearing the videos embedded in the Prezi, a constructive Universal Solar Temple is seen and understood. Hands on tools are available to help students repeat and work through the interactions of priests, offerings and Messiah relationships, with Yom Kipper statutes being fulfilled. This will provide wisdom to make responsible decisions that only the wise will understand.
  • When the Temple is opened in heaven, a tabernacle testimony provides evidence that there was a logos or ‘idea of God’ built within creation. (Rev. 1-10)
  • When the Ark is opened in heaven, the tribes will return to Israel to fight a war with those who destroy the Earth. (Rev.11)

The Messianic story of Orion as Horus of the two horizons, is shown to represent Jesus. Budge indicated this story also was that which hangs from the head of Joseph and can only be seen with a star map. The "war in heaven" between the angel Michael or Melchizedek and the celestial dragon called Belial, Bel or Draco can be seen in early Jewish and Christian literature, architecture and myths throughout the world. When the dragon is thrown to Earth, Thy kingdom comes as it is in Heaven, along with a battle fought on Earth. (Rev.12-13)
  • Moses said, “They shall teach Jacob thy statutes”, and his leads to “ he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh” (i.e. to Zion. for a war)
  • The Great Pyramid model was said to be built battlement wise, a model of the mound of creation, (i.e. Zion. for a war) It had 144,000 casing stones.
  • The Great Pyramid was also a microcosm of the Solar Temple.

Teaching statutes in heaven calls the a musical army of God, 144,000 to Mount Zion (Rev 14 also Deu.32-34 or Antichrists War

The tribes will sing the Song of Moses (Deu.32-34) letting us know that they have concludes the war Moses predicted. When the Dead Sea’s smoke (a sea as glass) dies down, the saints will be able to enter the Temple through the cave nearby. (Rev.15 compare Ezekiel 37 “My army on my Holy Mountain”. 

*The 1QM. War Scroll is fought by the Mysteries of Old

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